WLA congratulates members on successful RG certification

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Responsible Gaming and raising money for good causes in a responsible manner are at the heart of WLA Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Equally, our members, must ensure customers have safe, responsible and entertaining playing environments, and demonstrate that they adhere to industry best practices.

Certification to the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework assists them to achieve this.

With the aim of enhancing and facilitating WLA RG certification for all members, WLA has partnered with Starting in 2024, all RG certification applications must be carried out using the DigitalRG platform.

Lynne Roiter, WLA General Secretary, who was instrumental in this project, and Luca Esposito, WLA Executive Director said the following of the newly certified members:

“We are pleased to see a growing number of lotteries successfully achieving WLA RG level 2 certification for the first time. Partnering with the DigitalRG platform benefits all members by streamlining the process which now takes place entirely on the platform.”

The WLA would like to congratulate the successful applicants from this year’s first round. The following three members undertook level 2 certification for the first time:

  • IPLYC, Argentina – (lottery)
  • GBO Italy - Lottomatica, Italy – (betting operator)
  • Varelotteriet, Denmark – (lottery)

The Lottery Corporation, Australia, concluded recertification to level 4, while the Loteria de Buenos Aires, Argentina obtained level 4 certification for the first time.

New online platform streamlines WLA RG certification

The DigitalRG platform simplifies the entire certification process, including assessment by the Independant Assessment Panel, which takes place in one space.

Additionally, tailored advice and guidance provided by DigitalRG, when required, saves time, and resources, particularly for lotteries certifying for the first time.

Please refer to our Best Practice Responsible Gaming Framework Submission Guides 2024 in English, French and Spanish for in-depth information.

The next WLA RG application submission date is 1 October 2024.

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