CSR Committee

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee  

Responsible Gaming is at the heart of the lottery and sports betting industry's Corporate Social Responsibility activities. The WLA Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSRC) manages the WLA responsible gaming policy and the ongoing development of the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework (WLA-RGF). It also oversees member accreditation in line with the recommendations of the Responsible Gaming Independent Assessment Panel, and lends guidance to the WLA Responsible Gaming Working Group.

Independent Assessment Panel

The Independent Assessment Panel, is comprised of a selection of international experts from the CSR field. This external body is responsible for reviewing all WLA member submissions for certification to levels 2–4 of the WLA Responsible Gaming (RG) Framework. It also provides certification recommendations to WLA.

The overall number of WLA members with WLA RG certification to level 2 or higher, went from 47% in March 2020, to 78% by October 2023, when the largest submission to date for certification and recertification reached 17 members.

Pilot project increases RG certification

In 2023, the CSRC approved an important RG certification pilot project, which aimed to help 10 lotteries from Africa, Asia, Latin America and North America, complete level 2 certification. This goal was achieved thanks to a more personalized approach, which included additional assistance through a nominated lottery buddy to participants using the platform. The Committee also recommended that the project continue for 2024-2025 for first-time level 2 lotteries.

In order to streamline and simplify the certification process, the WLA Executive Committee approved the compulsory use of the digitalRG.com resource platform, run by Silverfish, for both lottery certification submissions and their assessment by the independent panel, starting in 2024.  

RG week event launched

In addition to CSRC participation in regional RG events in Brazil, Hong Kong China, and Norway, the Committee launched the inaugural RG Webinar Week, which attracted over 300 participants. Attendees heard how the lotteries and other groups in parts of Asia and The Pacific, Europe, and North America address different aspects of RG.  

CSR Best practices guide developed

A CSR Best Practices Guide was produced to assist lotteries as they develop their CSR practices. It provides examples of lottery best practices for RG, money for good causes, corporate citizenship, business ethics, labor relations, environmental and stakeholder engagement.

Finally, together with NASPL, work is underway to see how both Associations can build effective awareness of CSR programs.

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