SRM Committee

WLA Security and Risk Management Committee

Secure lottery and sports betting operations are vital for maintaining public trust in our industry. To achieve this, the WLA Security and Risk Management Committee (SRMC) follows technology trends and potential security threats in the fast-moving gaming and betting landscape, and develops tools that assist WLA members.  

Additionally, the SRMC is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and development of the WLA Security Control Standard (WLA SCS:2020), the lottery industry's only internationally recognized security standard.

Currently 87 WLA Regular members and 37 Associate members are certified to WLS SCS:2020.

WLA updates security control standard

Throughout 2023 the SRMC progressed the review and preparation of the next and 8th iteration of the WLA SCS:2024, which is expected to be published in October 2024.  

Main areas assessed included sections covering: the cloud, business continuity, fraud prevention and detection, the lottery risk register, RNG, MUSL – for increased reliance on WLA SCS in the US, continued alignment with the new ISO/IEC 27001 international standard, making the standard more accessible to smaller lotteries and the review of the supplier section.

Additional work to clarify terminology in the standard is ongoing. The lottery industry has evolved from a time when only lotteries offered draw-based games and scratch tickets, to an environment in which multiple entities offer diverse products and services, for instance lotteries, sports betting/ horse betting operators, multijurisdictional games operators, technology suppliers and others. This work will ensure that entities undergoing certification to WLA SCS will know which parts of the standard apply to their operations.  

Results of key risk management survey

The SRMC also carried out a survey to better understand risk management security across the current membership base and resources required. Completed by 52 members across the five WLA global regions, it revealed that members would like WLA to focus on enhancing collaboration and education and to provide support for risk assessment to determine materiality, risk identification and controls assessment.  

Survey follow up

Following the survey, WLA updated the enterprise risk management website content and risk register, with the survey feedback and assessment of emerging risks; developed a template for a ‘risk profile’ document with suggested top risks for profiling identified; elaborated a roadmap detailing enterprise risk management initiatives developed. Find out more here about the risk register.

Information sessions for enhancing security

As part of communications activities, the SRMC organized two webinars to provide members with useful information which assists them in ensuring and enhancing the security and smooth running of operations. 

This included the WLS-SCS Workshop Webinar for accredited WLA-SCS auditors and WLA Members, which welcomed over 200 participants covered points for updating in the new iteration of the WLA SCS:2024 and the annual WLA/EL Security and operational risks webinar. The latter attracted approximately 300 participants and discussed cybersecurity threats, measures and good practices as well as AI applications in security and risk management.  

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