Executive Committee

New Strategy

The Executive Committee met three times in 2023, in Brazil in March, France in September, and Thailand in October.


WLA New strategy

A decision was taken at the WLA Executive Committee meeting in Vancouver in 2022, to develop a new strategic plan, which will enable WLA to better serve its global membership.

Over the course of 2023, the plan was duly developed and approved by the WLA Executive Committee when it met in Bangkok, Thailand. The new strategy will be rolled out from 2024 to 2028.


Our reason for being is to support our global member organizations in providing socially responsible offerings to generate funds for positive societal impact. Responsible offerings include among others, responsible gaming, environmental, security and privacy issues. 


We aim to be recognized among key stakeholder groups, as the global lottery and betting game authority and support our members in contributing to society. To achieve this, we must establish a strong value proposition that allows us to be the go-to global experts on lottery and betting game matters.  


As a global association, we want to progress the lottery ecosystem and give value to our diverse member base by providing subject matter expertise, establishing certifications and standards, and upholding integrity and the highest standards of responsible gaming in the sector.

Our key strategy imperatives

Build and develop our value proposition

We must ensure our value proposition is distinct yet complementary from the regional associations, promote awareness of it and track its effectiveness, so that we keep evolving in a positive manner.

Uphold industry integrity

We will continue to evolve our security and responsible gaming standards, and certification to increase uptake.  

Other possible initiatives include establishing a center of knowledge and information on combatting illegal gaming, and promoting and raising awareness of sports integrity among WLA members who offer sports betting.

Provide expertise on relevant topics

We will establish a process for identifying key topics and how to proceed with the development and presentation of intelligence and knowledge. This could include building subject matter networks across regions for relevant topics; expanding the WLA Academy to include virtual short-form events, or refining communication of the WLA Global Lottery Data Compendium.

Evolve good corporate citizenship

We will promote a responsible gaming and security “culture” across the lotteries and sports betting ecosystem, comprising all related organizations and industry at large, as well as underscoring the positive impact that WLA membership has had on global societies.  

We will also develop guidelines and best practices for CSR, ESG, Electronic Data Interchange, and sports betting operations.

Other ExCo decisions: WLA welcomes new members

The WLA Executive meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was held in coordination with the CIBELAE Responsible Gaming Seminar, while the October meeting in Bangkok, Thailand in October, was timed with the APLA Regional Conference.

Over the year, the Executive Committee approved four new regular members, two associate members as well as new Platinum Contributor Intralot and Gold Contributor OpenBet.

New Members

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Instituto de Ayuda Financiera a la Acción Social (IAFAS)

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Instituto de Ayuda Financiera a la Acción Social (IAFAS)


Loteria do Paraná - LOTTOPAR

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Loteria do Paraná - LOTTOPAR


Lotería Electrónica Internacional Dominicana S, A. LEIDS

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Lotería Electrónica Internacional Dominicana S, A. LEIDS

Dominican Republic

National Lottery plc


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Germany as an Associate Member of the WLA

Fennica Gaming Ltd

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Fennica Gaming Ltd

Finland as an Associate Member of the WLA

New Platinum and Gold contributors

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New Platinum and Gold contributors


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Platinum Contributor


Enhancing member support

As our industry advances and evolves, we will continue to face new challenges which require more action and collaboration with diverse partnerships. The strategic plan framework will be an invaluable resource, which can be built upon, and adapted as required, for the benefit and future of the WLA.

The new WLA strategic framework has given WLA the opportunity to revisit its purpose, vision, and mission, and to formulate the actions required to achieve these higher order objectives by providing value to our membership-base by means of the WLA services.

Approved committee member nominations

The Executive Committee approved the following nominations:


Charmaine Mabuza, CEO of Ithuba Holdings, South Africa, became a member on the Illegal Lotteries & Betting Committee (ILBC) and Stein Langberget, Norsk Tipping, Norway joined the ILBC expert group.


CSR Committee member, Sarah Taylor, Executive Director of the Hoosier Lottery was appointed as Chair of the CSR Committee.  

Other new members included Jan Karas, CEO of OPAP, Greece, and Omar Kadiri, MDJS Morocco, who was nominated to the CSR working group.


The SRMC welcomed Yeo Teck Guan, Singapore Pools, Singapore to its technical group on Security (F1); Nathaniel Soo Chang Hao, Magnum Corporation, Malaysia, to its technical group on Risk Management (F2), and Gunnar Ewald, LOTTO Hamburg, Germany, to its technical group on certification and auditors (F3) and the group on communication and awareness (F4).

Further, SRMC Committee member, Fabien Marechal, International CISO of groupe Française des Jeux, became the SRMC Vice-Chair.  

ULIS Executive Committee

Chee Weng LAM, Singapore Pools, Singapore, and Stéphane Fraser, Loto-Quebec, Canada were nominated as WLA representatives to the ULIS Executive Committee.

World Lottery Summit 2024

Preparations began for the World Lottery Summit (WLS 2024) to be held in Paris, France in October. Together with the lottery host, groupe FDJ, WLA developed a booth for the November CIBELAE Congress, to promote WLS 2024.  

Additionally, the event venue, accommodation, and website management system was decided.

WLA Audit Committee

The Audit Committee establishes the audit mandate and meets with an external auditor to obtain their report on a yearly basis. The Committee reported its successful completion of the 2022 audit which was approved by the Executive Committee. The 2022 results include the financial results of the World Lottery Summit held in Vancouver.

Current Executive Committee

WLA President
Rebecca Paul

President and CEO
Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation
United States
WLA Senior Vice President
Andreas Kötter

Managing Director
Westdeutsche Lotterie GmbH & Co. OHG (WestLotto)
WLA Vice President
Younes El Mechrafi

General Director
La Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports

Elected members of the WLA Executive Committee

Jannie Haek
Chief Executive Officer
Loterie Nationale Belgium
Dato' Lawrence
Lim Swee Lin

Chief Executive Officer
Magnum Corporation Sdn Bhd
Stéphane Pallez
President and CEO
Française des Jeux
Alessandro Paciucci
SVP, Italy Lottery Operations
IGT Lottery S.p.A.
Robert Chvatal
Chief Executive Officer
Allwyn Entertainment Limited
United Kingdom
Esmeralda Britton González
President and CEO
Junta de Protección Social
Costa Rica

Regional Association Representatives

Dramane Coulibaly
Directeur Generale
Loterie Nationale de Côte d'Ivoire (LONACI)
Ivory Coast
(representing ALA)
Sue van der Merwe
Managing Director and CEO
The Lottery Corporation
(representing APLA)
Javier Milián
Lotería Nacional de Beneficencia
de El Salvador
El Salvador
(representing CIBELAE)
Jesús Huerta Almendro
President and CEO
Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (SELAE)
(representing EL)
Paul Erickson
President and CEO
Western Canada Lottery Corporation
(representing NASPL)

Immediate Past President

Jean-Luc Moner-Banet
General Director
Société de la Loterie de la Suisse Romande