Digital enhancement of WLA publications

Significant progress was made with the digitalization of WLA publications.


The communications team chose Danish digital development agency Kvalifik to redesign the publications and develop a centralized hub for all WLA publications.

This process realized the key goal of ensuring that our communications materials can be easily accessed on different devices, and further facilitates the sharing and promotion of content on social media.

A contemporary design was developed for our good practices guides, including: the Working Definitions and IP protection for multijurisdictional games, elaborated by the WLA ILBC; and Corporate Social Responsibility for the Lotteries, developed by the WLA CSRC. Going forward, this format will also be used for the WLA Quarterly Lottery Sales Indicator.

Significant features of the new magazine format are the ability to promote and share individual articles, and to include animated or video ads.

The refreshed Annual Review communicates and showcases our key achievements and work more effectively.

Benefits of new publications include

  • Easy navigation for all devices;
  • Embedded links (website and video);
  • Direct sharing to social media;
  • Enhanced monitoring and analytics; and
  • Easy to find and search.

These publications will be rolled out in the first quarter of 2024. Additionally, the WLA blog and Data Compendium will also be revamped and delivered in the new format in 2024.

Growing number of followers

Over the course of 2023, we continued to raise awareness of WLA work and activities through our news, magazine, blog, and social media. The follower count on LinkedIn grew by over 800.

Our event coverage provided useful insights on key topics central to the global lottery, sports betting, and sports worlds, including: certification to WLA standards (security and responsible gaming); combatting illegal betting markets; how technologies such as artificial intelligence are being used by lotteries for marketing and developing RG applications to keep players safe; and creating responsible sports betting offers.

Our magazines reported on the work of lottery and sports betting members from all our global regions, as well as highlighting key developments from our Platinum Contributors, whose products and services greatly support and advance our industry.


The 10th edition of the Global Lottery Data Compendium was published, presenting FY 2022 and FY 2021 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including sales, Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), and money for good causes, for 144 of 153 WLA member lotteries and sports betting operators, or 94.1% of the regular membership.

To mark a decade of this preeminent statistical yearbook, the GLDC was revamped with a sleek contemporary redesign, new infographics providing an overview and summary of the global regulated lottery and sports betting ecosystem, callouts highlighting key developments in the body text, and enhanced use of colors in charts and graphs for better visualization of results and findings.

The content has been expanded with increased emphasis on sports betting, especially fixed odds betting: fixed odds sports betting was the fastest-growing of the traditional product verticals over the FY 2022/21 reporting period, reflecting the impact of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. In line with the boom growth of sports betting, this additional information is important for WLA members, as half now offer sports betting products.

Other areas of extended reportage include sales by region and returns to society with specific dedication to cause by region and globally. For the first time, some sample statistics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion have also been provided.

The GLDC can be accessed by signing in at the member section of the WLA website.


In March, the first iteration of the eCompendium went live. This extension to the WLA website comprises the member directory front end, which replicates and updates the individual WLA member entries from previous hard copy versions of the GLDC, complementing the paper edition with profiles of 144 individual lottery and sports betting members for FY 2021 and FY 2020. By the end of 2023, the repository had been further augmented with 140+ individual lottery and sports betting member profiles for FY 2022.

In its second year of operation new features were added. In addition to offering member overviews and keyword-searchable entries, it also offers ways to access and use the information presented that were previously unavailable in the paper edition of the work. Some of the new features include:

  • Built-in exchange rates allowing instant conversion of annual figures for sales, gross gaming revenue (GGR), and money to good causes into USD, EUR, CNY, and most other currencies.
  • Tooltips corresponding to footnotes offering comprehensive explanations of points of interest.
  • A year configurator option enabling end-users to select and compare annual figures across multiple years.
  • Customizable filters allowing users to find information for all members by region or by country.
  • A print facility generating hard-copy printout approximating individual member entries.

The eCompendium can be accessed by signing in at the member section of the WLA website.

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